Success is a Mindset!

    QUOTE: “Success is a mindset not a status in society!” – Chip Esajian   IMPLEMENTATION: Congratulations; for if you’re breathing right now, God still has an amazing purpose for you! Smile because you’re important! I have victorious news for you my courageous friend! Your victory is won in the mind not in the world! … More Success is a Mindset!

Engage the Victory!

  QUOTE: “Launch above the defeats of your past and engage the victories that followed, for here you stand” – Chip Esajian     IMPLEMENTATION: Today is your day for extraordinary victory! From today forward, Instead of fearing the next problem or battle to come, stand in expectation of the victories to follow while engaging … More Engage the Victory!

“Overcome Your Adversities”

  QUOTE: “You weren’t created to yield to your adversities, but to victoriously overcome them!” – Chip Esajian   DEFINITION:   Adversity: a condition marked by misfortune, calamity, or distress; unfortunate event or circumstance…   IMPLEMENTATION: Victorious day to you my amazing friend! Did you know your adversities,  if pressed into, victoriously strengthen who you are towards becoming who you were created to be? … More “Overcome Your Adversities”

Be Courageous

      QUOTE: “Be courageous, grateful and thankful, engage your mindset for victory, believe the impossible to be possible, and fly” – Chip Esajian   IMPLEMENTATION:  Extraordinary, and victorious day to you! You are special, amazing and extraordinary!  SAY IT WITH ME: “My life is wonderful, I’m victorious and extraordinary things are happening to … More Be Courageous